Hackthebox - PC

Using gRPC reflection to get server Methods

Using Register and Login to get access to the Service

But Calling getInfo

Code: Unknown
Message: Unexpected <class 'TypeError'>: bad argument type for built-in operation

In the gRPC we see we also need to pass id in the request which get us

Trying with id as 1 we see we get

I moved to grpcui to proxy my requests to the grpc server

Trying union injection we see we have union injection and the DBMS seem to be sqlite

Using sqlmap on id parameter we get the SQLInjection

and can dump the DB

Privilege Escalation

sshpass -p 'HereIsYourPassWord1431' ssh sau@pc.htb

Portforwarding and checking we see

using metasploit we can get root

and we get root

Author: Shubham Kumar
Link: https://f3v3r.in/htb/machines/retired/pc/
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